New Cupronickel raw water intakes for 90’s Burger yacht

Dolfab Metal Fabricators created new Cupronickel raw water intakes for 90’s Burger yacht 90′ Burger Yacht “Escapist” was certainly in need of a yacht refit. The existing raw water intakes aboard this vessel had become extremely corroded to the point of failure, as you can see in the images.  Dolfab Metal Fabricators was brought on board to create new, more durable raw water intakes for this vessel. Raw water intakes pull water in to cool the engine, and if perforations are present in the piping then air also gets pulled in, and the cooling is not nearly as effective. This will lead to engine overheating and damage.   The raw water intakes aboard this 90′ Burger yacht were extremely corroded and in dire need of replacement. The experienced crew a Dolfab cr ...


Basic boat maintenance for unclassified boats

Burger yacht damaged hull

How to perform basic boat maintenance and repair on unclassified boats There are a lot of different types of boats in use today. Boats are generally classified by size and purpose. Most people recognize large commercial barges and trawlers as well as Yachts. Those that are harder to recognize are all the other boats that are considered unclassified. Unclassified: These are typically smaller boats that are used for personal pleasure such as Bowriders, Cabin cruisers, Deck Boats, Dinghies, Ski Boats, Jet Boats, Multi-Hull Power Boats, Pontoon Boats, Sailboats, Sport fishing boats, Trawlers, and Walkarounds Smaller boats without classification do not undergo regular surveys and inspections. However, they need every bit as much Boat care and maintenance as any other type of boat. For the first ...


Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Irma

It has been a busy hurricane season in the United States. We’re all still reeling from the impact of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and now here in Florida we’re getting ready for Hurricane Irma. There are many resources for preparation checklists and information. Below is a quick rundown of some of the items boaters in particular have to pay attention to, as well as additional links and tools for general preparedness further down below.   For boaters: – Move your boat inland if at all possible. As in real estate, location is one of the most (if not THE most) important thing you can do to safeguard your vessel. Try to place your boat in a sheltered area as far from water as possible. Read this article for more information on the importance of boat location during a hurri ...


164′ Delta marine M/V Helios 3 gets new marine exhaust shrouds

New marine exhaust system

Dolfab Metal Fabricators and Metcalf Marine Exhaust recently collaborated on 164′ Delta marine M/V Helios 3 to conduct much needed repairs to the exhaust system.   It was discovered the Helios 3 was suffering from leaks in the exhaust system. The exhaust system on a super yacht like this is truly an enormous, impressive thing. In order to be able to access it for diagnosis and conduct necessary repairs, we had to disassemble the system in stages: one whole day and a half was allocated to dismantling it and three days to put it back together.   Upon dismantling the system, the team from Metcalf Marine Exhaust was able to go in and remove the insulation within the exhaust. With the insulation gone, the Metcalf team then conducted several pressure tests in order to locate the ...


Holding Class in the American yachting industry

Jim Doll of Dolfab Metal Fabricators and Doll Marine

Holding Class – what does this mean for the American yachting industry? Dolfab Metal Fabricators, part of Doll Marine, recently performed repair work aboard custom charter yacht Kipany, a Class charter boat. Jim explains what it means to hold “Class” and what it means for the yacht owner and for the American marine industry. Watch the video or read the transcript below. Here’s the transcript: The vessel we’re presently working is interesting setup… the keel was set in […] Savannah, GA […] and they set the keel here, and sent the boat, because of cost reasons, to Europe- to Italy and have it outfitted. So this would enable them o have an American keel, which they were able to hold and keep class. Class meaning that there’s are different ...