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This Blue Wave bay boat has been outfitted with a custom boat radar arch and rocket launcher fabricated by Dolfab Metal Fabricators in Pompano Beach. Canvas top fabricated by Nystrands Top Stitch. Dolfab Metal Fabricators is expanding our custom tee-top and center console custom boat parts division to cover this ever growing market. Let Dolfab's metalworking experts customize your center console or make necessary repairs to your fishing boat. We also specialize in yacht refits, fuel tank fabrication, and RV repair. See all our metalworking services listed here and contact us today for a customized quote on your metal project. View Dolfab Metal Fabricators Project Gallery Follow Dolfab Metal Fabricators on Facebook Subscribe to our Youtube channel

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Dolfab Metal Fabricators recently built a custom boat T-Top on a Yellowfin center console in Fort Lauderdale / Pompano Beach. The Yellowfin had lost its original T-Top due to theft; its original Tee Top had been cut off. The crew at Dolfab Metal Fabricators recreated the T-Top adding customized rod holders and making this Yellowfin center console look brand new again. Dolfab Metal Fabricators is the absolute expert on everything related to metal fabrication, custom metal parts, yacht refits, yacht repair, boat repair, custom t-tops, welding, and everything in between. We service all of Broward County with a focus on Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale. See our Services page and the rest of our Project Gallery then Contact Us for a customized quote.

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Custom roof rack for work truck made and installed by Dolfab Metal Fabricators in Pompano Beach, Florida. Dolfab Metal Fabricators' skilled metal workers and welders made this custom work roof rack to detailed specifications. The custom roof rack is massive and holds a vast array of materials as you can see in the "After" pictures. Dolfab Metal Fabricators makes custom metal racks, custom boat parts, custom yacht parts, custom boat t-tops, and all manner of custom metal work (just take a look at our Project Gallery). We service all of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Give us a call or email us for a quote on your own custom metal project.

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Venture Charter boat in the Bahamas came to Fort Lauderdale to get custom-made boat benches created and installed by Dolfab in Pompano Beach, Florida. The project was a rush job- we completed 15 days worth of work in just 9. It truly was a team effort!

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Dolfab Metal Fabricators in Pompano Beach were hired to perform necessary repairs to a Burger yacht's hull after it ran aground. The yacht repairs took place in Fort Lauderdale by our talented team and directed by expert yacht builder and yacht refit project manager Jim Doll.  

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Dolfab Metal Fabricators have completed several yacht enhancement projects over the years aboard 164' Trinity Superyacht "Wheels". Some of these special projects include creating and enhancing metal details within the yacht (such as drain caps, storage solutions, and transom railings), creating beautiful custom-made pedestal table bases, and most recently repositioning the huge generators to accommodate a new exhaust system within the engine room. Trinity Superyacht Wheels is a prime example of the variety of refit and custom metal work possible by Dolfab Metal Fabricators.

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Custom metal fabrication in Pompano Beach - Anodized aluminum metal roll cage was fabricated for a Boca Raton couple to go on their buggy. The roll cage is completely customized and sized to fit for the protection of the driver and passengers. Not only is it safe... it looks good, too! Check out our other projects in the Project Gallery.

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DolFab Metal Fabricators completed extensive repairs on the hull of Ajao, a beautiful 80’ Baglietto yacht. Ajao suffered from major corrosion to its hull and damage to the bow resulting from an issue with the external exhaust system. The process of repairing the Ajao involved emptying the fuel tanks and removing corroded sections, removing large sections of the yacht’s hull, replacing all the missing sections with customized new panels, and pressure-testing the structure to ensure its seaworthiness. Then the team repaired and reinforced the structure of the bow, going through the forward bulkheads to ensure the yacht is seaworthy after all repairs are finished.

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75’ Burger Yacht Diane was in Fort Lauderdale undergoing a hull refit by Dolfab Metal Fabricators. To accomplish this hull refit job, Dolfab crew cut out sections of the hull, welding in strongbacks to keep it from warping. Then the team created new sections to fit the missing pieces where accuracy and precise measurements are of the utmost importance. After the new pieces were welding in place, the vessel was pressure-tested to ensure it was water-tight. The hull was then finished, painted, and brought back to life by the folks at Yacht Management, and the hull refit was complete. This Burger yacht is like brand new again!

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Project Title: GEM Car custom doors

Dolfab was commissioned to fabricate custom metal doors for a fleet of GEM Electric Cars. The GEM electric cars are zero-emission vehicles designed for greater comfort and safety than a golf cart and with a lower carbon footprint than a regular vehicle. We are very proud to have been part of this project. The Dolfab team fabricated doors for twenty of these GEM cars. The cars will be used on the streets of major cities throughout the United States.

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170’ Superyacht Nika D got an all-new stainless steel diamond plate engine room makeover courtesy of Dolfab Metal Fabricators while docked in Fort Lauderdale. Dolfab’s proprietary process of creating custom stainless steel brightwork for yacht engine rooms results in a durable product that brings joy for many years to come.

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Dolfab was the chosen vendor to engineer and design the metal dive platforms used in firefighter rescue training by the Miami-Dade College. The stairs and davits had to hold firefighter trainees in full gear, so they had to be stronger than an average dive platform. The stairs and davit are made entirely from stainless steel to withstand swimming pool chemicals. We made full use of our extensive, state-of-the-art metal working equipment including the water jet, Hossfeld bender, mill, lathe, shear, and press brake.

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This boat was brought to us straight from the factory without a top. We custom built the t-top to owner's specs, including powder coating and OEM gelcoat on the fiberglass top. Custom two-color LED helm lighting and speakers were added, as well as halogen spreader lights.

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Finish Line sports an engine room housing a pair of MTU 16V-2000-M94, each putting out 2600hp. DolFab was hired to do a full engine-room brightwork makeover on this yacht, which included custom fabricated RACOR covers, MTU grilles, STAINLESS DIAMOND PLATE flooring, custom workbench, Brownie's Third Lung air-port plate, gear-locker doors, tank holders, and a DolFab-engineered floating-hinge deck hatch which swings up and out for full use of hatch opening.

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Dolfab was hired to work on this yacht refit for Life Of Riley, a 113' Burger superyacht. We were given the task of welding a stainless steel anchor pocket to an aluminum hull. This task required some highly specialized and unique processes which causes the dissimilar metals to be "exploded", or fused together while retaining each of their unique properties. The anchor pocket was built, fitted, and installed by Dolfab using Detaclad technology.